Wireless Interference and Multipath TCP

Barlow-Bignell, J, da Silva, C, Gjengset, J, and Oliha, P

MSc in Networked Computer Systems
University College London
September 2, 2013

This page contains resources associated with the paper Wireless Interference and Multipath TCP submitted as part of the requirement for the MSc Degree in Networked Computer Systems at University College London.

All resources given here are substantially the result of our own work except where explicitly indicated in the text.

An executive summary of the report can be found here.

Source code repository
The source code of all our scripts, as well as the final report, is available on GitHub here.
Final report
The LaTeX sources for the report are all in the GitHub repository above, and can be compiled by running make inside the report/ directory. Note that this also requires the test data linked to below to be placed in ~/Dropbox/MPTCP/data. A pre-compiled PDF is available here.
Test data
All our test data is available from Dropbox